So during that viral outbreak(2021), our very own Sensei Simon has put together a few videos.

An introduction to the Solo Dojo concept of training specific drills independently to feedback to higher quality performance in the actual dojo or in live use. Also an introduction to some basic tools and a very simple and basic, but absolutely fundamental movement.

In today’s edition, we look at using social distancing as a way to practice the awareness skills that we should be employing to notice and manage risk. Whilst I have been out for a run I have followed the current social distancing and health guidance for where I live. Please ensure you follow all relevant social distancing guidance for your location. IN the video we discuss the OODA loop – Observe, Orientate, Decide and Act. This is a great system to consider the way we train and employ turning awareness into action to minimise risk to ourselves. Stay healthy everyone.

One of the key movements. Today we look at the L shaped stepping drill, a key movement in the art. This drill allows you to cycle through a method of moving forwards off the line and then maximising the advantage. Whilst this is useful in many Jitsu exercises it really comes into its own in multiple attacker drills/situations. I even invested in some new tape! Enjoy, practice, stay safe.

Welcome back to the Solo Dojo! I hope you are healthy and baring up as well as you can. Today we are going to look at an extension of the L shaped stepping drill, to help work on some weak areas. Great for multiple attacker drills such a 2 man attack drills.

Part of a mini-series on decrypting the instructor, what do they mean they shout things. Today’s gem, “bend your knees!!

Welcome to the Shep! Today’s episode looks at a variant of the L-shaped stepping drill, called the Shep. This is an extension of the existing drill and really emphasises the breaking of balance towards the “third point”. The drill is simple to do and repetition will make you better when you make it back to the mat!! Stay healthy.