Instructor and South East Regional Coordinator, Will Robards Sensei.

Will has been training in Jitsu since 2006 and achieved his first teaching belt in March 2013. He started with 2 years under 2nd Dan Chris Oultram Sensei of Reading University before moving to the exceptional University College London Club under the close watch of 2nd Dan James Garvey Sensei.

He set up the successful Tadley Jitsu club in the Thames Valley area in 2013 and had a 100% pass rate for his first students on their grading before moving down to Brighton to inherit the Brighton Universities Club. In 2017, Will achieved his 1st Dan black belt, a major milestone in any jitsuka’s career. He has also trained for 2 years in Taekwondo and Wing Chun Kung Fu when he was a little younger and loves to take fighting techniques from places that work and incorporate them into his teaching.

Will is a very enthusiastic instructor who will keep you fit and motivated. He will teach you how to stay safe in horrible situations whilst having a great time doing it.