The Brown Belt Syllabus

Ukemi Waza

  • Assisted cut-away breakfall from Tomoe Nage
  • Basic break falling on the boards

Nage Waza

  • Kata Garuma (Shoulder wheel)
  • O soto Gaeuma (Major outer wheel)
  • Hiza Guruma (Knee Wheel)
  • Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi (propping lifting pulling ankle)
  • Harai Tsuri Komi Ashi (Sweeping lifting Pulling ankle)
  • Sukui Nage (Scooping Throw)
  • Sumae Gaeshi (corner Twist)

Nage No Kata

  • Nage No Kata as taught at the phase 1 Nage No Kata course
  • Full Knowledge of TJF Judo Competition rules.

Gatame Waza

  • Use of the guard
  • Getting Behind, use of ‘hooks’ and shime waza
  • Countering the ‘turtle’
  • Demonstration of understanding of grappling concepts via kata and smooth movement


  • Defense against kick-boxing and boxing style attacks
  • Defense at close quarters
  • Defense against a knuckleduster
  • Defense against a chair
  • Single stalking defenses against sharp weapons
  • Defense against a short and long dull-edged sword
  • Defense against any non-sharp weapon
  • Defense against two armed attackers with non-sharp weapons.


Students must have completed the club instructor course and the first aid course.